Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child bring to camp?

  • Water Bottle (Required) Water jugs are available for refill.
  • Lunch is strongly recommended for all camps except for Junior Camp
  • Snack is recommended for all camps as we will break for a few minutes
  • Sunscreen is recommended and can be reapplied by request
  • Please check the general information for each camp you register for to see if there are any sport specific items you may need to bring.

Are camp counselors required to obtain background checks?

Yes! We have them on file.

What time can we drop-off and pick-up for camp?

All drop-offs and pick-ups should be at the designated times of camp.

What happens if it rains?

Please first call the hotline number at 610-594-2068 and listen for the prerecorded message and detailed instructions. We make every attempt to have the hotline message recorded at least an hour prior to the start of camp.

  1. If the forecast is calling for a light rain or passing shower, we will move under the pavilion until we are clear to resume normal camp activity.
  2. If the forecast is calling for steady rain or thunderstorms, we will cancel camp activities for the day. We will update the instagram (@lyacamps) and the weather hotline 610-594-2068.
  3. Our weather cancellation policy is as follows:
    1. One missed day of camp in a week we will not offer refunds or make up days
    2. If multiple days of camp in a week are cancelled, we will offer the campers to come back for a day(s) with 24 hour notice via e-mail to admin@lyacamps.com to ensure we are staffed properly

What are my payment options? (Other payment information included)

  1. Credit card payments are the easiest/quickest way to secure your child’s spot in camp through our website.
  2. Checks: If you choose to pay by check, please proceed to online registration form and select the “Pay by Check” feature. Once the form is completed, you will have 10 days to mail-in a check to: P.O. Box 312, Lionville, PA 19353. Checks may either be payment in full or $50 per participant/per camp (nonrefundable). If you choose to pay $50, please have the balance on first day of camp.
  3. All registrations have a built-in $50 nonrefundable portion. In the event of a cancellation, please do so at least 48 hours prior to the start of camp to receive your partial refund.
  4. Full refunds will be given for any participant with doctor’s note.

Pizza Lunch and Pretzel Snack

  • Pizza lunch will be on Wednesday of each week and will be $5 for 2 slices of pizza. Pizza will be purchased from Liones Pizza in Downingtown.
  • Pretzel snack will be everyday and will be $7.50 for 1 pretzel/day for snack time. Pretzels will be purchased from Philly Pretzel Factory in Lionville. No refunds will be issued for pretzel snack.